Reasons for Slow Internet connection

Nothing is more infuriating than a slow internet connection pop up on the screen. No wonder it’s a true test of patience for those who work with a fast network always. If you actually want to check someone’s true patience level let use the slow connection. Sounds corny, right?

Coming back to our topic, slow connection happens for multiple reasons, yes, even when you’ve paid the dues for your connection such as DSL or cable.

Since the internet is built on multiple technologies trying to connect us all, there are multiple places where data can slow down before it actually reaches your home screen. Usually, your current internet service provider is at fault and certainly, there are other multiple factors to look at before blaming the service provider.

Some of this error is within your control and can be quickly fixed with DIY effort. Let’s talk about few reasons why high-speed internet performs slower than expected.

  • To begin with, you might be using an outdated modem making your connection weak. If you’re using an old modem then it’s the best time to upgrade it and does check with your ISP.
  • Apart from using an old modem the other significant reason for slow connection could the router’s configuration. There might be some error in your modem or router configuration. Also, check all the paperwork that came with the device from the maker’s end.
  • Possibly you have fellow neighbors who “borrow/use” your wireless connection. To prevent this by password protective your wireless network. You must do this even if you aren’t having speed issues.
  • At times it could be your browser popping up with a spdy protocol error on your home screen it appears only due to the low internet connection. Also, your browser could have add-ons and other plug-in features that are consuming bandwidth.
  • At times we enable safety features due to which the web browser holds back pages while safety scans are being performed.
  • Technology could be the reason, your modem-router may not be using the current technology like—802.11ac routers are much faster than 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n routers.
  • Your ISP may be having concerns routing signs to you. So, do contact the concerned person with the department. Your DNS (domain name system) tables might be outmoded, so signs are sent to the wrong addresses on your network. Your browser memory cache is so jam-packed; your browser has to slow down to allow for the restricted hard drive space. An easy fix is to clear the cache, selectively or totally.
  • Always position your router and modem device nearer your computer. This distance sources a go-slow in speed. If your device is more than three years old which makes it a little slower as a result is not able to move electrons fast enough for modern pages. Buying a new system could do the trick as you can’t do much about this issue.
  • You have unintentionally left dozens of windows open in the background, and they are jamming your computer CPU.

You live in a big house, and your router is placed in the basement area. Add an internet promoter midway between the basement and your computer to strengthen the signal and increase speed.

Google Chrome Errors 124 and Fix

If you face errors 124 regularly on your chrome and then this post will come as a relief to you. As in this post we’ll discuss various errors like this and more.

Symptoms of Error 124

“Error 124” appears and smashes the active program window.

Your PC regularly crashes with Error 124 when running the same program.

“Error 124 (net__ERR_WINSOCK_UNEXPECTED_WRITTEN_BYTES),” is displayed.

Windows runs slowly and retorts gently to mouse or keyboard input.

Your computer intermittently “freezes” for a few seconds at a time.

These 124 error messages can seem during program installation, while a Google Inc.-linked software program (eg. Google Chrome) is running, during Windows startup or shutdown, or even during the installation of the Windows operating system. Keeping track of when and where your 124 error occurs is a serious piece of information in troubleshooting the problem.

What causes of Error 124

The first and the foremost reason is the corrupt download or incomplete installation of Google Chrome software. The corruption in Windows registry from a recent Google Chrome-related software change is another reason that causes this error. Another program meanly or incorrectly deleted Google Chrome-related files. Runtime Errors such as “Error 124” can be instigated by a variety of factors, so it is significant that you troubleshoot each of the possible reasons to stop it from happening.


This is a second general error that appears on the homepage of the browser. This error is seen due to the lack of memory which is sacked by the operating system.

Fix to “He’s Dead Jim” error:

Initially, try to load the page if you have already sacked the page in the task manager. Do close all the unwanted tabs to clear the history that appeared on its own.


You must be alert if this error shows up on the chrome. Since this error simply means that your system is attacked by the Virus. It is serious virus attack which is harmful to all sorts’ files and personal information and other password protective data and confidential information.

Fix Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome

If you see this error, “Fix Err Connection” message when you try to visit any specific website. It looks fairly like this (Err_Connection_Timed_Out).  There are many causes as to why you are facing this error message when going to a website through Google Chrome, such as out-of-date chrome, corrupted files, DNS not retorting, bad proxy configuration or net might be surrounded from hosts file itself, etc. There several mistakes that come with the Chrome, like spody protocol error and more errors like that.

Your internet connection is limited in case the web page is not accessible error. However, there are few simple troubleshooting steps which are going to resolution this problem obviously, so without killing any time let’s see how to Fix this Err Connection Timed out Issue in the chrome. Make sure before making any changes to your system ensure to make a system restore the point.

How to Fix Err Connection Timed Out Issue in Google Chrome

Edit the windows host file is the first way to fix this error. 

Method 1: Edit the Windows Host file

  1. To start with Press Windows Key + Q then type Notepad and right-click on it to select Run as administrator.
  2. Second is to click File then select Open and browse to the following location:


  1. Succeeding, from the file type, select All Files.
  2. Now select hosts file and click open.
  3. Erase all after the last # sign.